EV Grants

Receive government grants towards the cost of your Andersen charge point

Government grants, at a glance

If you are looking to purchase your own Electric Vehicle (EV) charger for home or business use, there are a range of Electric Vehicle Government Grants to take advantage of. Here is an overview of what grants you can claim and so you know when, where and how to apply.

UK Home Install

OZEV: Office for Zero Emission Vehicles

Previously known as OLEV: Office for Low Emission Vehicles

The UK Department of Transport and the Office for Low Emission Vehicles runs the Electric Vehicle Home Charge Scheme (EVHS). They offer a grant towards the purchase and installation of a home EV charge point. It is commonly known as the OZEV grant.

Customers can get up to £350 off the cost of an approved EV charge point and installation. Many EV charger manufacturers absorb this grant in the selling price which is good for the customer. However, it pays to check that you meet the criteria.

NOTE: The current OZEV EVHS grant (for homeowners (including people with mortgages) who live in single-unit properties such as bungalows and detached, semi-detached, or terraced housing) ends 31st March 2022 and can’t be claimed for installs completed after that date.

UK Workplace Install

WCS: Workplace Charging Scheme

This is good for businesses, charities and local government offices who wish to offer charging to their fleets, staff and customers. Apply to receive a £350 voucher off per socket. You won’t need to actually own an electric car, but you’ll need to declare either a current need for EV charging infrastructure or an intention to encourage uptake amongst your staff and/or fleet. Apply for the voucher before purchasing your EV charger and forward your approval paperwork to your chosen installer who will claim back your grant after your installation.


EST: Energy Savings Trust

Scottish customers can get up to an additional £250 off their charge point. This is on top of their OZEV grant. This is a voucher-based scheme. Customers must apply for the voucher and receive approval from the EST before their EV charger is installed.

Republic of Ireland

SEAI: Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland

Customers in the Republic of Ireland can get a €600 discount.