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At Andersen EV we have a team of vastly experienced experts in operating EVs, available for support and to guide you with many tips to help you get the maximum benefit out of low carbon motoring.

Our Andersen Concierge Service is provided free of charge as part of your charge point order.

Support with your order

Your concierge will help you throughout the process of receiving your order through to the installation of your charge point.

Get the most out of your charger

You'll be guided through the set up of your charge point, and provided tips to ensure it is set up optimally for you and your household.

Benefit from low cost motoring

You can more than halve the cost of operating your EV by switching to an EV tariff that works for your lifestlye, facilitated through the A2 scheduling system.

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Concierge Reviews

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Daniel N.

I didn't know companies like Andersen still existed. Friendly, communicative, professional, excellent product and, the icing on the cake – next level after-sales care. I have had real trouble this week connecting the Octopus App with the Porsche App and had put my questions out to the Taycan FB group (with 34,000 members) and nobody could answer the question that Rachel solved in 10 minutes.

Peter H.

I have absolutely no reservation to recommend this company to anyone. They communicated well throughout and I'm left as a happy customer. Oh! and the charger works well and it looks great, thumbs up from me.

Julie G.

Helpful from the first call, through to the installation on site, everyone was super helpful. I needed a little extra help with the App, being a little older, and it was given freely and they checked back to make sure I was OK, without asking and were lovely. It really is easy. Beats the petrol station any day of the week!

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