About Us

We are passionate about driving electric. There’s so much more to the experience than the satisfaction of an ethical choice. It’s the silent power. The low running costs. The pioneering technology. More than a new way to drive, it feels like a new way to live.

For many, the only disappointment of going electric is found when choosing a charge point. For those who love their home as much as their car, the choice is limited. So we created an option unlike anything on the market.

What makes us unique

We're proud to be the only premium home charging brand in the UK, with design at the forefront of our mission.

We drive electric

At Andersen, we practice what we preach. We're the only charging company with an entire fleet of electric vehicles for installations.

UK born and bred

Our products are made in the UK. Each charge point is made to order based on your finish options.

We're design-led

EV charging doesn't have to look ugly. We pride ourselves on our good looks and ultimate style.

No compromises

From order, to installation and to aftercare, we don't compromise on our service.

We subscribe to an electric future.

Our Philosophy

Going electric is more than an ethical choice. It’s a choice to embrace the future.
A decision to bring your home, and your life up to date with pioneering and intelligent technology.
We don’t believe anyone who’s made that choice should be forced to compromise.

With every product we make, we match smart technology with genuine craftsmanship. Each Andersen charge point is made to order in our UK factory using materials of the highest quality.
The end result is a product built to deliver perfect performance year after year.
A smart charger that intelligently helps you manage your energy between your home and EV without interruption.
Don’t just buy a charger that charges your EV, invest in one that connects to your future smart home.

Meet The Team

We're leaders in electric vehicle charging.

We are a team of 50 that are dedicated to bringing quality products to your driveway.

David Martell - Chief Executive

David started in EV over 15 years ago when he founded Chargemaster which he later sold to BP. He is passionate about providing market leading products to consumers and has plenty experience in doing so.

Evie Kalo - Marketing Director

Evie has worked in various different roles in the industry, from BMW to charging providers Chargemaster and Shell NewMotion. She is dedicated to creating first class customer experience.

Jeff Solomon - Group CTO

Jeff has over 30 years experience as Chief Technical Officer in the Telematics and Electric Vehicle Charging industries. Jeff is dedicated to develop the highest quality solutions for EV users.

Ben Fletcher - Commercial Director

Ben has over 20 years’ experience of working with and for major vehicle manufacturers, with over 6 years as head of EV at Renault UK - well before EVs were fashionable!

Sean Scharffenorth - Andersen CTO

Sean has delivered a board spectrum of tech products in various market sectors. He has worked in senior level roles over the last 15 years in companies ranging from start-ups to NYSE listed companies. Technology remains his passion.

Colin Fountain - Install Manager

Following over 8 years at BP Pulse (formerly Chargemaster), Colin has installed more EV charge points than he cares to remember. He is one of the most experienced EV electricians in the UK.

Lee Williams - Affiliate Manager

Lee has over 10 years’ experience in renewables and EV from installation to design. Being a qualified electrician, Lee has the knowledge to support Affiliate partners confidently and reliably.

Karen Noble - Head of Customer Support

Karen has worked in customer experience for over 20 years, and loves thinking outside the box and finding solutions. She leads a team of 8 customer care specialists.

Walter Stoltsz - Director of Engineering

Walter has built a successful career in EV battery management, IoT and charging solutions. He is a leader in innovative product design and development, pushing the boundaries of technical limitations.

Our Ethos

We don't compromise. We are driven to make home charging more simple, more sustainable, and more integrated. We do this through products that are built to last, and service that will ensure you have the best experience.

Andersen parent company EVIOS presented with a Trio of Prestigious Tech Awards

Andersen parent company EVIOS presented with a Trio of Prestigious Tech Awards

One month, three awards! EVIOS is proud to have won three prestigious awards in October, with special individual ‘Rising Star’ recognition for Marketing Director, Evie Kalo. At the UK Business Te...

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