Our Products

The Andersen A3

from £995

- 247 Colour & finish combinations

- 7kW Charging

- Convenience lighting illuminates the floor area below

- Solar integration

- 5.5m hidden charging cable

- Smart mobile app

The Andersen A2

from £1,199

- 234 Colour & finish combinations

- Available for single phase & 3-phase properties

- Solar integration

- Longer charging cable options

- Smart mobile app


The Andersen charge point is able to blend in or stand out. From wood to metal, there is a total of 247 different colour and finishes to make the Andersen charge point completely bespoke and your own. All 169 of our metal finish options are included within the price.

Hidden Cable

We're proud to be the only charge point that allows you to have the full benefits of a tethered cable but with a compact, clean storage solution.


The A3 features convenience lighting that illuminates the area below your charge point.

Andersen App

With the Andersen app, you can instantly see the cost of every charge, control your solar usage, and potentially save money by integrating your off-peak and smart energy tariffs.

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