Designer EV Charging

We’re Andersen, the UK’s only design-led EV charging brand.

 We drive EV, we live EV. But we wanted more out of the tools that power them. Our
product is more. More beautiful, more refined, more efficient.

 EV charging is the future, and the future shouldn’t compromise.

The Andersen A3

from £995

We trust in the meticulous design that underpins our technical specifications, it’s why we give each product a 7-year warranty, and it’s why we’re able to offer:

- A solar compatible system, capable of delivering up to 7kW of charge power. Translating directly to lightning fast charging fed through a 5.5mm charging cable that remains hidden behind the A3 unit.

- 247 colour & finish combinations for the A3s façade, integrating textures like metal, wood, & special edition fascias to make the A3 your own.

- Integrated lighting to illuminate the floor below and guide your vehicle home at night.

Seven-Year Warranty

Our premium EV chargers are built with care. The A3s go the distance, which is why we’re happy to offer each customer a 7 year warranty with the purchase of an electric car charger for their home.

247 Design Options

Whilst our product is singular, your design is not. The A3 can be a wall charger that blends in, or stands out. From wood, to metal, to countless combinations of colour and finish, your A3 is likely to be a completely unique home car charger.

Hidden Charging Cable

We are the only home EV charger with a cable that can be hidden. We felt that a smart EV charger needed a compact, clean storage solution for the tethered cable that comes with it. So we designed the first of its kind.

The Andersen App

Our app makes charging your car at home effortless, insightful and efficient. A simple dashboard allows you to easily monitor your vehicle’s charge, schedule overnight charging sessions for optimal energy tariff rates, and access insightful data on your smart charger.

Models we support

We’re familiar with the finest electric vehicles of this new generation. Here are some of the brands and models our product is compatible with.

For Volkswagen we continue to provide home chargers for the ID.3 and ID.4. The Andersen A3 can also operate as a Golf GTE charger.

We are able to cater to Volvo with chargers for their EC and EX ranges.

Regarding BMW home charger installation, Andersen A3 is ideal for BMW i3s and BMW i4s.

If you own an Audi e-tron and are looking for a home charger, the A3 charge point is a perfect fit.

For a premium Land Rover home charger, whether it be for Range Rover, Discovery or Defender, you can trust in the Andersen A3.

We can also provide EV chargers for Jaguar models such as the I-Pace, E-Pace and F-Pace.

The Andersen A3 is capable of becoming the home charger solution for Mercedes vehicles.

For Polestar models such as the Polestar 1 and Polestar 2, you can rely on an Andersen A3 to take the place of your wall charger.

Andersen EV chargers such as the A3 work as an alternative to a Tesla home charger, providing EV chargers for the Tesla Model 3, the Model S, the Model X and the entirety of the range.

For both Porsche Taycan and Porsche Panamera chargers, our model A3 meets the EV charging requirements.