Advanced Solar

The Andersen A2 smart home charge point includes many capabilities and functions which can help you charge your car with ease as well as help keep running costs low for your EV or Hybrid.

Introducing Andersen's Advanced Solar.

If you have solar panels on your home or property and have chosen the Advanced Solar CT when configuring your charge point, you will now be able to directly and precisely measure the solar energy which is being generated. This enables you to view, monitor and also take control of your charging sessions when using solar energy.

Advanced Solar


The Andersen A2 is smart and beautiful.

Take control

By changing the power source settings on the Andersen App, you are able to control whether you want to solely use solar energy that is available or even a mix of grid and solar energy.

Convenient charging

By using the Boost button, your can charge outside of your scheduled charging times, without changing or disabling your set schedules. Allowing full convenience if you just need a top up.

Live solar data

View live charging data with the Andersen App. The eco-flow diagram gives you a clear and precise representation of your solar and grid usage.

Smart Technology in Andersen EV Home Charging Points

Flexibile Charging

If you have an off-peak schedule enabled and you would like to charge during the day with only solar energy. Toggle this option to enable this.


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