Lucid Combines Luxury with Electric Performance

Lucid Combines Luxury with Electric Performance

Andersen may be the name in premium electric car chargers, but Lucid Motors is certainly the brand to watch when it comes to luxury electric cars. Lucid unveiled its first luxury electric sedan in the US in 2016 and four years later, the first Lucid Air electric cars entered production. While the EV technology is innovative, it is the design of the Lucid Air electric car that is truly stunning. 

Lucid Air has caught our eye as it echoes our own design philosophy for the Andersen A2 electric car charger; sleek, simple and very elegant aesthetics, combine with latest technology and premium quality craftmanship – where ‘design and engineering work seamlessly’. We are following Lucid’s electric journey with interest.

Inspired by the sleek and aerodynamic shape of aircraft, Lucid Air has a simplistic sculpted body contour that authentically depicts the aeronautical theme. Simple lines are used to great effect, linking all the elements of the car so that nothing feels or looks out of place, producing one elegant, efficient design. Lucid ingeniously includes elements that are either “integrated, hidden, or celebrated.” The design is often accentuated further with a platinum polish canopy roof trim. 

The overall impression is one of attention to detail and premium quality, where luxurious finish harmoniously embraces innovative futuristic technology. Lucid has a firm focus on craftmanship in the construction of its vehicles incorporating the use of high-quality materials. And it shows. 

This quality comes to life in the interior. The use of carefully selected materials, such as leathers and fabrics, and varied textures provides creative tactility, but there is nothing that dominates; it just seamlessly works. The interior theme options are intended to evoke a sense of ‘place’. Lucid takes you to Santa Monica, Mojave, Santa Cruz or Tahoe. Again, it’s the detail. Darker tones are used at the front of the cabin to recreate the feeling of ‘piloting a vehicle’ while paler tones in the rear of the car are said to “create the spirit of relaxation.” 

Lucid also gives the customer choice, especially when it comes to configuring their own car. Lucid Air variants include the Lucid Air Touring, the Lucid Air Grand Touring, the Lucid Air Pure, the Lucid Air Dream Edition and the Lucid Air Sapphire. The Air Sapphire is the world’s first fully electric luxury super-sports sedan featuring Lucid’s first three motor powertrain delivering 1200 hp and a superfast 0-60mph in 2 seconds, and a breath-taking top speed of over 200mph. Impressive, that’s for sure! It really is quite stunning from all perspectives.

Some electric car manufacturers have a more restricted approach to exterior colours, but not Lucid. The Lucid Air range can be specified in Sapphire Blue, Stellar White, Infinite Black, Cosmos Silver, Quantum Grey, Zenith Red, Fathom Blue and Eureka Gold.

There has clearly been a lot of careful thought factoring in every aspect of the car’s design, creating a highly finessed product where the minutest attention makes a huge difference. Lucid says,  Air “redefines shape, proportion, and dimension of a luxury sedan, while imbuing thoughtful craftsmanship into every detail.” We like that ethos; we have a similar principle in the design of our own premium quality Andersen A2 electric car chargers. 

Lucid Air is a premium electric car that appears balanced and flawless in design, without compromising on performance. The Lucid Air Grand Touring, for example, is equipped with a 100 kWh battery pack and has an estimated range of over 500 miles on a single charge, and an exhilarating acceleration of 0-60mph in just 3 seconds!  So far from just being about aesthetics, there is real substance to this car too, for those who desire and expect exciting sporty performance making it a ‘total package’. Lucid also claim that this is the fastest charging electric car in the world. 

We shouldn’t be surprised. There’s an experienced team driving the Lucid brand forward. Peter Rawlinson is the company’s CEO and CTO, previously worked as the Chief Engineer on the Tesla Model S, and has a background in aerospace engineering. Apparently, he has said that the design of the Lucid Air was influenced by his desire to ‘create a vehicle that was both efficient and aesthetically pleasing, with a focus on minimising drag and maximising range.”

And innovation doesn’t stop with Lucid Air. The Lucid Gravity SUV is coming soon, described by Lucid as a ‘true-force of nature’ inspired by space exploration representing “true next-generation sport and urban exploration”. With sports-tuned air suspension, and an intelligent, high-performance package, it promises to “reimagine what an SUV can offer” with an engaging drive that stands apart from anything in its class. 

We believe the Lucid brand is exciting and inspiring. Of course, while Lucid may not yet be prevalent in the UK, we do believe we can still admire from afar! We share many of the same innovative, design-led principles and attributes, albeit our efforts are invested in designing one of the best EV chargers available in the UK. 

The Andersen A2 home car charger is, like Lucid, stand out in design, and performance. Far from your average EV charger, the innovatively designed Andersen A2 is a premium quality electric car charger and is customisable with a choice of 96 colour and finish options. Every aspect of design and functionality is a result of meticulous attention to detail, to produce a premium EV charger that stands out from the crowd. Unlike most average EV chargers, the tethered charging cable is neatly concealed within the unit, for a tidy, flawless finish. 

Manufactured in Britain, and inspired by minimalistic Scandinavian design, the Andersen A2 embodies style and quality, while also utilising smart charging technology. And with an accompanying Konnect+ app, and smart controlled connectivity, the Andersen A2 partners seamlessly with the home, and can be integrated with solar power energy sources for the ultimate ‘green solar charging’ experience. 

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