Andersen EV Guide to choosing the best EV electricity tariffs

With retail electricity showing stability and prices decreasing, an increasing number of energy providers are drawing drivers in with EV tailored energy tariffs. These offerings are proving particularly alluring to EV enthusiasts, and here at Andersen, we anticipate this trend will only expand in the future.

Typically, these tariffs offer a significantly reduced rate per kilowatt-hour (kWh) during night-time, when electricity is abundant. On average, night-time rates commonly hover around 10p per kWh or even less, a significant saving, compared to the average standard daytime rates in the market, which can often exceed 30p per kWh. By taking advantage of these offers, you can effectively power your EV at approximately one-third of the normal costs, resulting in substantial savings compared to running a conventional petrol or diesel vehicle. The Andersen A2 charge point, with in-built smart technology, can be effortlessly configured to take advantage of these cost-effective rates by using our bespoke app. 

To provide you with an insight into the potential savings, consider a motorist who covers approximately 12,000 miles per year or 1,000 miles per month. If their average electricity cost remains at 30p per kWh, for the year they would spend around £1,620 charging their vehicle. However, by switching to one of the new EV tariffs, this cost could be slashed by two-thirds to a mere £534, exceeding £1,000 per year in savings. In light of the fact that most EVs today can travel at least 200 miles on a single charge, this highlights the ultimate convenience of being able to charge at home, overnight, minimising the usage of expensive public charging. 


So, how can you harness these savings and set up your Andersen A2 to maximise them? We provide the following guidance. 

Currently, several electricity providers extend specialised EV night-time tariffs:


  • OVO
  • Octopus
  • British Gas
  • EDF
  • EON
  • Scottish Power

If you are already a customer of one of these six companies, you can usually request a switch to one of the tariffs detailed below. If you are not currently with any of these providers, you will typically need to switch to one of their standard tariffs before transitioning to their EV-specific tariff. Please note that each company has its own slightly different process for this transition.

Even though the transition and process of moving energy providers is simple enough, please note you will require a Smart Meter to make the most of these offers, which the majority of energy providers will provide free of charge.

Please ensure you read the Ts and Cs of your chosen tariff - some have fixed rates and fixed terms and others require you to have a specific EV.  


OVO Charge Anytime (Energy Tariff Add-On)

  • Off-peak hours:Variable (OVO knows the times your vehicle is charging and automatically credits your account to apply the reduced rate).
  • Off-peak rate:10p/kWh (for EV charging only).
  • Standing charge:(Varies by postcode)
  • Typical daytime rate:(Varies by postcode)

EV Compatibility: 

This add-on is available for certain EVs and can be combined with any of OVO's available tariffs, including the standard variable tariff. It can be used with your Andersen A2 unit along with the following EV brands: Audi, BMW, Cupra, Ford, Jaguar, Mini, Porsche, Renault, Seat, Skoda, Tesla, Volkswagen and Volvo. When you charge your compatible EV at home, OVO refunds the cost difference compared to your regular OVO tariff. For a complete list of compatible models, please visit the OVO Energy website. 

Intelligent Octopus

  • Off-peak hours:11.30pm to 5.30am
  • Off-peak rate:7.5p/kWh
  • Standing charge:42p (Varies by postcode)
  • Typical daytime rate:31p (Varies by postcode)

EV Compatibility: 

Octopus offer a unique tariff known as Intelligent Octopus, which is designed to cater to the charging needs of specific EV brands. This tariff is compatible with a range of popular EV models, including, Audi, BMW, Cupra, Ford (Mach E only), Jaguar Jeep, Kia, Land Rover, Mini, Porsche, Renault, SEAT, Skoda, Tesla, and Volkswagen.

Octopus Go

  • Off-peak hours: 12am to 4:30am
  • Off-peak rate:9p/kWh
  • Standing charge:49p (Varies by postcode)
  • Typical daytime rate:30p (Varies by postcode)

Learn more here

British Gas

Electric Driver Tariff

  • Off-peak hours:12am to 5am
  • Off-peak rate:9.4p/kWh
  • Standing charge:46p (Varies by postcode)
  • Typical daytime rate:29p (Varies by postcode)


Go Electric Tariff

  • Off-peak hours:12am to 5am in winter, 1am - 6am in summer
  • Off-peak rate:8p/kWh
  • Standing charge:50p (Varies by postcode)
  • Typical daytime rate:34p (Varies by postcode)


Next Drive

  • Off-peak hours:12am to 7am
  • Off-peak rate:9.5p/kWh
  • Standing charge:50p per day (Varies by postcode)
  • Typical daytime rate:32p (Varies by postcode)

Scottish Power

EV Saver October 2024

  • Off-Peak Hours:12am to 5am
  • Off-Peak rate:7.45p/kWh
  • Standing charge:51p per day (Varies by postcode)
  • Typical daytime Rate:36p (Varies by postcode)


    In the evolving world of electric vehicle (EV) charging, specialised tariffs are becoming the game-changer for savvy EV owners. With companies like OVO, Octopus, British Gas, EDF, EON and Scottish Power offering exclusive night-time rates, EV drivers can now charge their vehicles at significantly reduced costs compared to average daytime charging costs.. These unique tariffs make EV ownership not only eco-friendly but budget-friendly as well, allowing savings of over £1,000 annually. To maximise these savings, consider investing in the Andersen A2 charge point, which is able to integrate smoothly with these specialised tariffs, making your journey to cost-efficient, eco-conscious EV driving even more accessible.

    Discover the Power of the Andersen A2 Charge Point Today and Start Saving on Your EV Charging Costs. 

    Information correct 25th October 2023.

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