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What is a 7kw EV home charger?

EV home chargers have a typical charging power of either 3.6kW, 7kW (22kW charge points require three phase power, which is rare in UK homes).

3.6kW and 7kW chargers rely on single phase power supply which 95% of UK homes already have. Therefore for most people, choosing a 7kW charger is the best option because it’s the fastest power rating their home can support.

What is the average charge time?

A typical electric car (60kWh battery) takes just under 8 hours to charge from empty to full using a 7kW home charging point.

To work out the charge time of your car you can do the following:

Divide the power of your car battery (also in kW) by the figure obtained to get the charging time.
For example: 60kW/ 7.3 kW= 8.2 hours

This will be a rough indicator as exact charge times vary on the temperature of your environment and the amount of charge already in the battery. Note that charging rate slows down considerably when you are charging the last 5% of your battery.

Why is a home electric charger a good idea?

Having a dedicated EV home charger is the most convenient and cost-effective way of charging your EV. This is because most drivers charge at home at night and sometimes top up during the day.

Equally, you will have peace of mind knowing that your own EV charger is available for yourself as and when you want. Additionally as you already pay the electricity bill, you will get to control the cost of running your car.

Why choose an Andersen charger?

Andersen are EV charging specialists and we provide superior one-stop charging solutions. Our smart chargers are quality products designed and made by us to exacting standards. We make the sleekest, tethered EV charger on the market which is also why we are the recommended charging providers for Porsche GB.

The A2 is a smart 22kW enabled charger (so it can charge 3.6kW, 7kW, 11kW and 22kW). Uniquely designed to completely hide the integrated cable. It is customisable in up to 96 different colour combinations so you can be sure to find one that suits your home.

Our dedicated in-house installation team cover the UK and focus on providing safe and aesthetically pleasing installs. They work closely with you to ensure everything goes smoothly and you get set up correctly and ultimately you get the installation you want. Should you wish to use your own trusted engineer that’s absolutely fine. Our experts are happy to liaise with yours. We want you started on your EV charging adventure in the best way possible.

Do these chargers work for different makes of vehicle?

It makes sense to check your chosen ev charger is compatible with your car’s charging port. Andersen A2 chargers are all cables with type 2 connectors which works with the overwhelming vast majority of cars.

Can you charge more than one vehicle at a time?

Most EV home chargers have one socket, allowing you to one car per socket. **It is not possible to plug an extension lead from the cable to charge two cars at the same time.** not sure I need this but we did get this question on a chat

How can Andersen help?

Our friendly sales team are here give you straight-talking advice on all things related to ev charging. Ask your questions, find your answers. Contact us here for a chat, call or email.

We are here to get you set up with a smart ev charging system that fits your home today and for the future.

If you are ready to make your purchase then just head over to the online store. Buy now.