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What Does A Partnership With Andersen Involve?

To keep improving our business, we actively seek feedback and advice from dealers and leasing companies. We work hard to understand what our potential partners really want, and what they really don’t.

You want customers to be happy with the buying process. You don’t want to tied-up with complicated after-sales support. Your opinions helped us create the prefect proposition for dealers

Andersen offers the perfect proposition for dealers selling electric and hybrid vehicles.

How do your customers benefit?

We make the buying process seamless and simple. After every purchase, our team focus on getting each charge point delivered and installed as quickly as possible. We handle all questions and issues directly. When customers buy from your dealership, we offer exclusive benefits including a premium warranty and customer support.

A simple buying process with no complicated questions or customer issues to deal with. We take care of everything.

Simple buying process: no complicated questions or requirements from the customer, we take care of everything.

How does the dealer benefit?

Our products are built to the highest standards and meet exacting safety requirements. Your customers will benefit from brilliant build and design quality, complete with warranty and support for the entire product lifecycle. Once installed, all customer service regarding the charge point will be handled directly by Andersen.

For dealers, the Andersen Referral Scheme offers generous rewards including sales incentives and exclusive customer service.


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