All of our installations are carried out by Andersen EV employees (Mainland UK)

What is included in my installation?

The table below gives you an idea of what is included in a standard installation.

Non-Standard Installations are accurately costed after your survey has been completed.

   Andersen A2

Standard Installation

Non-Standard Installation

More than 7m cable run
Clear cable route
Installing on a suitable surface
Drill through more than 1 wall
Lifting Carpets & Floorboards
Installation above 1.8m
More than 3 hours on site
Adaptive Fuse*
More than 3m of plastic trunking to conceal interior wiring
Andersen A2 22kW install
Installation of Type A RCD Protection
Installation of 40A Overcurrent Protection
Pricing To be quoted
Subject to a completed survey
To be quoted
Subject to a completed survey

*Based on survey information