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Meet The Andersen A2

A stylish EV charging point that hides the integrated cable. The Andersen A2 enhances the charging experience for the enthusiast electric vehicle drivers with increased levels of 3-Phase, 22kW power and SMART controlled connectivity. Unrivalled aesthetics and pioneering technology are showcased perfectly in the Andersen A2.

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Sustainable eco timber that doesn't rot.

Durable Paint Finish

Exterior metal panels are nylon-coated for durability while the hand finishing process ensures a smooth even colour.

Guaranteed To Last

Made of solid stainless steel, our chassis comes with a lifetime guarantee.

Hidden Cable & Plug Compartment

We are the only charge point on the market that stores the plug neatly and out of site.

Watch how to wind and unwind the Andersen A2.

Fully Modular

Allowing you to change the design of your charge point, for upgrade, repair or new.

Status Lights

Subtle lighting giving you indications of your Andersen's charging status.

Compact Size

The ergonomic unit is elegant and discreet measuring 490 x 345 x 120 mm.

Looks as good on the inside

Evoflek Charging Cable

Our custom designed cable is lightweight and highly flexible. It promises easy handling. 5.2m or 8m options.


IP65 rated.

No Earth rods required

This means your installation is less disruptive.

Fault Breaker

For safer and more secure electric vehicle charging experience.


For easier set up.

Fast Charging

22kW core as standard.
7kW - 22kW fast charging. Only available in a Type 2 connector


An LED display on the front panel indicates charging status. Interior lighting helps keep it simple and easy to use.

Kønnect 2.0

Stay in charge - next generation processor Control your charge points from your iOS and Android smartphone. Monitor charging progress and track energy costs.


Gives you a more reliable internet connection.

“If you are looking for a wall mounted car charger then the Andersen A2 is superb. It hides the cable completely and connects to a mobile app so you can control it and check on it remotely...” Tom P - Tesla Model X

How it's made

Choose Your Style

There is a perfect Andersen for every home. Choose yours from 8 carefully selected metal shades that are expertly hand-sprayed for ultimate durability and a beautiful even colour. With an option of 4 translucent wood front shades that allow the grain of the wood to shine through.

Perfectly modular. Get ready to transform your EV charging experience

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“The finish is premium, it looks stunning and the functionality of the charging unit is straight forward. There are no visible cables.” Mark M - BMW i3

A2 Wood Fronts Made With Accoya®