Your Simple Guide to Installation

95% of our customers are eligible for standard installation

Assuming standard installation criteria are met, our home installation service is provided at a cost of £400. Exclusively in the UK.
Please note, we are only able to install Andersen products.

standard installation

If you are not sure you qualify for standard installation, before you order you can email images and videos directly to our engineering team at installation@andersen-ev.com

Not sure on the right picture to help us? Here’s some tips:

  • Image of your fuse box with the lid open so we can see your fuses
  • Your supply meter from a distance
  • Where you’d like your Andersen charge point installed
  • The route(s) between your fuse board and your Andersen charge point
  • If you’re feeling a video is better, make sure to take it in one shoot so we can best gauge distances

Place your order on our website

Visit our online configurator, customise your charge point, select installation and place your order.

Surveying your installation

Once we have received your order we will email you a survey requesting photos and more information to finalise your install. After this, we can set your install date. If we have received your information already (prior to your order) we will look directly at the most convenient installation date for you. We will also send you the first part of the OLEV documentation (if you are eligible) for you to sign.

Pre-arrival courtesy call

An engineer will ring you 1 hour prior to arrival. This is to ensure that everything is in place for your home installation.


Your engineer can help you decide the best place to install your charge point.
A standard installation can be completed in approximately 4 hours. Once your charging point installation is complete, you will be given a full demonstration on how to use your charge point.

If you wish to use your own trusted electrician for your home installation our unit will be delivered box ready for installation, but we will not be able to apply for the OLEV grant on your behalf.