What Is a Tethered EV Charger?

What Is a Tethered EV Charger?

If you’re shopping around for an EV charger for your home or workplace, then you may have heard the term ‘tethered EV charger’. If you’re wondering what that means, then keep reading and the Andersen EV team will tell you the answer…

The answer

A tethered EV charger is an electric vehicle charger that features the charging cable permanently attached to the charger. 

Think of tethered EV chargers as being like petrol pumps, where one end of the hose is permanently attached to the pump.

What’s the difference between tethered and untethered EV chargers? 

When you’re shopping for an EV charger, you may also encounter ‘untethered EV chargers’ (which are sometimes also known as ‘socketed EV chargers’). 

These are a type of charger where the charging cable is an independent item which needs to be attached to the charger every time you want to charge your electric car. 

Untethered EV chargers are somewhat the ‘old’ charging option, as they reflect the legacy situation when different electric cars had different types of charging plugs. 

In recent years, however, the majority of electric cars use the same type of charging plug known as a Type 2 plug or socket, and thus it’s not necessary to swap out the charging cable (we’ll cover this in more detail later). 

The list of electric cars that feature Type 2 plugs is vast, covering everything from the Porsche Taycan and Audi e-tron GT through to the Tesla Model 3 and the Volvo VC40 Recharge.

As a result, tethered EV chargers have rapidly become the most popular type of charger for both home and workplace use. 

Summary - a tethered EV charger features the charging cable permanently attached to it. An untethered EV charger has a removable charging cable.

What are the benefits of a tethered EV charger? 

So, is it worth buying a tethered EV charger over an untethered one? Our answer is an emphatic yes.

That’s because tethered EV chargers have a wealth of benefits, which we’ve detailed below. 


The simple fact is that tethered chargers are far more convenient than their untethered siblings. 

With the charging cable permanently attached, you don’t have to go to the hassle of getting the cable out of the boot of your car or digging it out of the backseats.

Instead, you can simply pull up on your driveway, extend the cable from the charger, plug in and start charging. 



Another benefit of tethered EV chargers is the fact that you can’t lose the charging cable!

In contrast to untethered chargers which require you to keep the cable in the boot of your car or in your garage, you’ll always have the cable to hand when using a tethered charger. 

In this sense, tethered EV chargers are far more ‘secure’ than untethered chargers. 

Tethered chargers are also secure in a more direct sense. As the charging cable is directly connected to the charger, it cannot be removed by would-be thieves. Whereas, if you leave a cable plugged into an untethered charger, there’s nothing to stop someone from just unplugging it and taking it away!


This may seem like an unusual benefit, but tethered EV chargers are cleaner to use than untethered EV chargers. 


Because, tethered EV chargers such as the Andersen A2 allow you to store the cable within the charger, keeping the cable off the floor and free from getting dirty and wet. 

Furthermore, premium tethered chargers such as the A2 feature integrated cleaning brushes which give the cable a clean every time it is pulled in and out of the charger. 


Do you really want a cable to be cluttering up the boot of your car or garage? We thought not…

A tethered EV charger offers a much tidier alternative, keeping both the charger and charging cable together in one neat package. 

Andersen A2 Integrated Charging Cable

As you can see from the image above, the Andersen A2 does this in a very elegant way, creating a charging point which is actually an attractive addition to your home. 

This contrasts to other charging point manufacturers that show socketed charge points on their websites that look neat and tidy. However, once installed with a cable plugged in, these chargers look messy and untidy.

Less hassle

Again, this may seem like a minor point, but it’s one of those things that adds up. 

A tethered charger is simply less hassle to use!

Instead of having to plug both ends of a charging cable in, you simply need to pull the cable out of its housing and plug it into your car. 

In other words, a tethered EV charger gives you a ‘petrol station’ style charging experience. No hassle of having to open the boot of your car, plug in both ends of the cable etc. 


Because the charging cable is an integrated part of a tethered EV charger, you’ll find that this type of charger is more cost-effective. 

This is in contrast to untethered EV chargers, where in addition to the cost of the charger itself, the charging cable is an optional extra which also has to be paid for.

More accessible

Compared to untethered EV chargers, tethered chargers can be much more accessible. 

What do we mean by this? 

Well, with tethered chargers like the Andersen A2, you can select the length of charging cable that works best for you - making it much easier to access your charger. 

Here at Andersen EV, you can select our tethered electric car chargers with cables of either 5.5 m or 8.5 m in length (for the 7kW charger), or 6.5 m for the 22kW charger. 

Plus, if you buy a premium EV charger like the Andersen A2, you’ll find that the cable is much lighter and easier to handle and use than the types of cables you typically have to use with untethered chargers. That’s thanks to our Evoflek cable technology.

This is something that’ll mean your EV charger is far more accessible - and easier to use by people of all ages and abilities. 

Furthermore, premium chargers like the Andersen A2 feature a courtesy light. This makes it far easier to use the charger at dusk or at night. 

Using a Tethered EV Charging Point

How much does a tethered EV charger cost? 

One of the common misconceptions that abounds about tethered chargers is that they’re more expensive than untethered chargers. 

However, the reality is that there the price difference between chargers is determined more by the features and finish of the charger rather than it being tethered or untethered. 

For example, it’s possible to buy tethered chargers that are cheaper than untethered chargers and vice versa.

The point is, when it comes to cost, you should be focusing on the features that the charger includes over and above whether it is tethered or not. 

Here at Andersen EV, our tethered EV chargers start from £1,199 (correct at the time of writing and subject to change). 

Can I convert an untethered EV charger to a tethered one? 

No. As EV chargers are complex pieces of electrical equipment, you should under no circumstances attempt to convert an untethered EV charger into a tethered one. 

What are tethered EV chargers made of? 

The answer to this question very much depends on the brand of tethered EV charger you’re talking about. 

If you’re buying a tethered EV charger that sits at the more ‘budget’ end of the market, then you’ll find that it features a largely plastic outer shell (usually made from a hard thermoplastic such as polypropylene). 

Should you be purchasing a premium tethered EV charger - like the Andersen A2 - then you’ll find it is manufactured from higher-end materials. 

For example, in the case of the A2, the outer shell is made from either a laser cut, precision manufactured metal fascia with a robust nylon coating, or a beautifully-crafted accoya wood fascia.

Naturally, the more premium a tethered EV charger, the more options you’ll have when it comes to things like materials, finishes and colours. In fact, many of the cheaper charger manufacturers offer little to no customisation of their chargers.

Is a tethered EV charger right for my car?

If you’ve purchased your electric car within the last few years, then a tethered EV charger is almost certainly the best charging solution for you. 

This stems from the fact that almost all modern EVs feature the same type of charging plug connection; what is known as the Type 2 socket. 

Since 2014, Type 2 sockets have been mandated on all new EVs sold in the EU. As a result, near enough any electric car you buy today will have this type of socket. 

This means you don’t really need an untethered charging point; these are a legacy from the days when different cars had different charging sockets. 

In other words, if you buy a tethered EV charger which has a Type 2 connection, it’s likely to work with almost every electric car on the market today. It’s for that reason that the Andersen A2 has a Type 2 socket. It’s pretty much the ‘universal’ socket type.

The automotive brands that our tethered A2 charger is compatible with includes Porsche, Jaguar, Land Rover, BMW, Polestar, Tesla, Mercedes, Volvo, Volkswagen, Audi, Škoda and many more. 

Summary - as long as you check that the plug type is compatible with your car, a tethered EV charger is almost always the best home or workplace charging solution.

What’s the best tethered EV charger? 

Naturally, we’re bound to be biassed, but we’d argue that the Andersen A2 is easily the best tethered EV charger you can buy. 

Here’s why…

Industry-leading customisation

If you want a tethered EV charger that perfectly complements both your home and your car, then there’s only one choice - the Andersen A2

We’ve made it our mission to create the most beautiful, aesthetically pleasing EV charger on the market. 

That’s why you can select from 126 colour options, a range of fascias including robust metal, nylon-coated fascias and accoya wood fascias which have rich organic hues. 

Andersen A2 finishes and options

Aside from the huge choice of materials, colours and finishes, the Andersen A2 has been designed with discreet, compact dimensions (494 x 348 x 148 mm). As a result, the A2 sits close to the wall and doesn’t protrude in the way that some cheaper chargers tend to do. 

What’s more, our design ethos extends to the practical areas of the charger. For example, the A2 has a magnetic lid on its top surface and a retractable charging cable and plug. As such, when not in use, the plug and cable are completely hidden from view. That’s not something that other chargers can claim. 

Smart components

The Andersen A2 isn’t just about good looks. It’s eminently practical, too, being packed full of smart features that’ll make your charging more intelligent and cost-effective. 

Smart features that you’ll find in the Andersen A2 include: 

  • Built-in Wi-Fi connectivity. 
  • Remote locking - allowing you to give friends and family access to your charging point via your smartphone. 
  • Smart charging functionality - this allows you to schedule your car charging for those times of day when electricity prices are lower. 
  • Energy monitor - the A2 allows you to monitor and track your energy use over time. You can also check the cost of every charging session. 


The Andersen A2 also has some pretty impressive green credentials. If you have photovoltaic solar panels installed on your home, you can use these to power your A2 charging point. 

Charge your car using the power of the sun…

Practical features

The design-led ethos that has informed the creation of the Andersen A2 means that it has many useful features that you won’t see on many (if any) other EV charging points. 

For example, practical features on the Andersen A2 include: 

  • Hidden cable - unlike other chargers, the A2 allows you to completely hide the charging cable and plug when not in use.
  • Courtesy light - if you want to charge your car at night (as many people do), the A2’s built-in courtesy light makes doing so much easier.
  • Automatic cleaning - every time you use the charging cable, the A2’s integrated brushes clean the cable, ensuring your hands stay nice and clean.


The Andersen A2 is - as you’d expect - thoroughly weatherproof. 

Designed to withstand all types of weather all year round, the A2 has an IP rating of IP65. This is comparable to the IP rating of the latest iPhones. 


Want to support British manufacturing? Then make your tethered EV charger an Andersen A2. 

How Is the Andersen A2 EV Charging Point Made?

Made to order by experienced craftspeople at our facility in Bedfordshire, the Andersen A2 is one of the few EV chargers that’s designed and manufactured here in the UK. 

Buy the best tethered EV charger today

If you want a tethered EV charger for your home or workplace that’s both aesthetically appealing, highly-functional and unendingly practical, then it’s got to be the Andersen A2. 

Complete your order today - including selecting your preferred installation option - all from the comfort of your computer. 

Should you have questions or require assistance at any point of the process, our friendly expert team will be happy to help. You can speak to them on 01234 916125 or at: helpdesk@andersen-ev.com

Shop the best tethered EV charging point now

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