How Can I Future Proof My EV Charge Point?

How Can I Future Proof My EV Charge Point?

If you’re going to invest in a home EV charger you’re naturally going to want it to be as ‘future proof’ as possible and provide a long, reliable service life. So, what do you need to do to buy a long-lasting EV charger? Keep reading and the Andersen EV team will tell you the answer…

Choose a modular charge point

The most important thing you can do to ensure your home EV charger lasts as long as possible is to buy one which is modular

A modular home EV charger is one where individual parts and components can be easily accessed, repaired and/or replaced. This means that even if a single small component breaks, you don’t have to replace the entire charge point. 

You’ll often find that there is a degree of correlation between the price point of an EV charger and its degree of repairability. For example, cheaper, budget home EV chargers are typically manufactured in such a way that it’s difficult (or even impossible) to repair them. 

More premium home EV chargers - such as the Andersen A2 - are designed to be modular, making repair and maintenance far easier - thus, prolonging the life of the charge point. 

The Andersen A2 is particularly aesthetically modular, allowing you to select from multiple body and face colours. In fact, Andersen EV offers over 126 body and face colour combinations. Available face finishes also include Accoya wood which provides a beautiful, organic feel to the charge point. 

Note - repairs to EV chargers should only ever be conducted by suitably qualified and experienced electricians. 

Choose a 22kW home charger for your electric vehicle

Another important way in which you can future proof your home EV charger is to buy one with a charging capacity of 22kW. 

Admittedly, most UK homes at present have a single phase connection to the electricity grid. This means they can only accommodate 7kW home chargers.

However, as the UK looks to electrify its vehicle fleet and achieve ‘net-zero’ carbon emissions, it’s possible that many residential areas will transition to three-phase connections to the grid (meaning those homes will be able to accommodate 22kW home chargers).

By buying a 22kW home charger now, you’ll be effectively future proofing your charger (plus, it is possible to have your home converted to a three-phase connection now).

Buying a charger with a higher charging capacity also means that you’ll be able to charge your electric vehicle far more quickly.

It’s worth noting that many commercial buildings in the UK - such as offices, industrial units, retail outlets etc - already have three-phase electricity connections. So, if you’re looking for some charging points for your business, it’s likely your premises will already be able to accommodate 22kW charging points. 

In short, choosing a 22kW EV charger is a savvy move that ensures your investment remains efficient and relevant, no matter how the power landscape evolves. 

Pay attention to the warranty

As with any investment - be it a home appliance, car or piece of technology - you want to ensure it’s covered by a comprehensive, quality warranty. 

In other words, you want to make sure that your chosen home EV charger has a decent warranty. 

Warranty terms and conditions can be the unsung heroes of any product, ensuring your charge point can be repaired and restored to working order (in the unlikely event something goes wrong). 

Coupled with a warranty, it’s also a good idea to check the customer service provided by your chosen EV charger provider. 

Here at Andersen EV, our A2 charge point comes with a three-year warranty (subject to terms and conditions) which provides peace of mind and reassurance.

This is also backed up by industry-leading customer service, including a dedicated help centre and customer service team that can answer your questions Monday to Friday (8am to 7pm) and Saturday (9am to 2pm).

Choose a ‘smart’ EV charger

A key way of ensuring that your home EV charger remains future proof is to ensure it is ‘smart’. 

What exactly do we mean by the term ‘smart’?

Put simply, a smart EV charger will provide you with a greater degree of control over the way in which you charge your electric vehicle. This control is typically expressed through various features, which can include: 

  • Smart scheduling - allowing you to schedule specific times of day to charge your car (for example, at night when electricity prices are lower). 
  • Accompanying smartphone app - which allows you to control your charger remotely. 
  • Analytics - the best smart EV chargers will provide you with detailed analytics, allowing you to interrogate your usage and costs. 
  • Solar integration - this allows you to connect your home EV charger to any solar panels you may have on your roof. During sunny times of the year, this will allow you to charge your EV almost entirely using the power of the sun!
  • Wi-Fi connectivity - with Wi-Fi connectivity, a home EV charger will be able to carry out ‘over-the-air’ updates and upgrade its software independently. This removes the need for technicians to make a physical visit to your property. 
  • Remote locking - this will allow you to secure your charger and prevent people from using it without authorisation. 

As you’ve probably already guessed, the Andersen A2 includes all of these features... 

At this point, it’s worth noting that the ability for an EV charger to receive over-the-air updates is particularly helpful from a ‘future proof’ point of view. This ensures that your charger remains as up to date as possible at all times. Receiving real-time software updates can also mean you get instant access to handy new features etc. 

Choose a durable, quality product

Whilst it may be tempting to save a bit of money and opt for a cheap, plastic home EV charger, you’ll find in the long run that it’s a false economy. 

The reality is that cheap home EV chargers are the opposite of future proof.

Remember, that your home EV charger is going to be exposed to the elements all-year-round, and it’s likely you’ll be using it every single day, too. 

To ensure true longevity, buy a home EV charge point that is well engineered, designed and manufactured from the best possible quality materials to the highest possible standards. 

The Andersen A2 meets all of these criteria. Besides being the UK’s only premium home EV charging station, the A2 is also: 

  • Made in the UK - with each individual A2 made to order based on your finish options.
  • Manufactured from durable, high-quality materials including solid aluminium and stainless steel which are corrosion resistant and which will stand the test of time. The A2 can also be specified to include an Accoya ‘face’, which provides a warm, natural and above all hard-wearing finish. 
  • CE certified - being CE certified means that the A2 has been designed and manufactured in-line with established European standards, meaning you can be assured you’re receiving a product of the highest quality. 
  • IP rated - the A2 is IP rated to IP65 (for the enclosure and plug compartment) and IP44. This means it’s highly weather resistant and will resist the ingress of water and particles - furthering its lifespan.


As you’ve just read, if you’re going to invest in a home EV charger, it’s vital that you invest in one that’s future proof. 

The A2 charge point from Andersen EV ticks all the boxes for being future proof. It’s modular, available with a 22kW charging output, has an excellent warranty, is packed with smart features, and is made to last…

If you’re looking for the very best home EV charger, then you’ve just found it…

Explore the Andersen A2 now

For more EV charging information, advice and insights, read the Andersen EV blog

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