Andersen EV launches new home charger augmented reality tool

Andersen EV launches new home charger augmented reality tool

 Andersen EV launches new home charger

augmented reality tool


  • Customers can visualise their new home charging unit in situ
  • Free to use on mobile devices
  • Users can experiment with colour choice before committing
  • Forms part of Andersen A2 product enhancement plan for 2023


Andersen EV has become the only premium EV home charging company to provide an augmented reality (AR) tool that helps potential customers visualise how a charging unit might look attached to the exterior of their home or workplace. UK-based Andersen, which is a leading manufacturer of premium-quality EV charge points, is launching the new AR tool as the first in a series of user-centric enhancements for its A2 unit in 2023.


Simple and free of charge to use, the new AR tool helps the user envisage the appearance of the discreet Andersen A2 in different positions, tailoring the colour and finish of the unit’s exterior panel in 3D digital renders to best suit their taste and the specific location. The A2 is available with one of the most extensive colour palettes of any EV charge point, with 96 colours and multiple finishes – including four durable natural wood options – to help the unit blend seamlessly with modern or period homes.


Customers can access the new interactive tool via the Andersen website: Using the camera on a mobile device, the tool first ‘scans’ the area to ascertain the correct scale and then mounts the unit in the centre of the screen for the user to manipulate as they wish.   


David Martell, CEO of Andersen EV, said: “We recognise that customers have a great deal of choice when it comes to EV home chargers, but we believe the Andersen A2 offers an unrivalled combination of aesthetics and technology. Our A2 unit is the only home charger where the cable is completely hidden, allowing it to sit discreetly on the outside of any property.


“We want to ensure our A2 unit complements each customers’ electric mobility goals and their home. Our products are built for longevity and incorporate future-proof technology, and our AR feature aids an important decision about this permanent fixture to one’s home.”


The Andersen A2 is hand-made in the UK using the highest quality materials and combines exceptional design with advanced electric vehicle charging technologies and smart features.


Andersen EV was acquired by EVIOS Plc in October 2022, and the company has since set out a new 12-month plan to accelerate the growth of the firm, investing at least £1.5 million in product development, refinements to the Konnect+ app and an enhanced customer service offering.




About Andersen

The Andersen business was acquired by EVIOS Plc in October 2022.  The brand seeks to redefine the EV experience. EVs are more than a new way to drive; they are a new way to live. Andersen has created a unique bespoke home EV charger for people who love their home as much as their car.


The Andersen A2 is a home EV charger which matches smart technology with genuine craftsmanship. Each Andersen charge point is made to order in the UK using materials of the highest quality. With over 90 customisable design features to match any home, any environment or the colour of your car, the Andersen A2 is an option like no other. For more information, visit



EVIOS is a British company that has been established by the hugely experienced team that built up Chargemaster over 10 years before selling it to BP for £130m in 2018. It manufactures the smartest electric vehicle home charge points on the market. The brainchild of David Martell, the EVIOS One product features an intuitive, jargon-free interface and smartphone app that allow users to configure the charge point to suit their needs and preferences – prioritising the price, sustainability or speed of each charge.


The EVIOS One is the first unit of its kind to offer multi-user functionality and PIN-controlled access, making it a very practical real-world option for shared residential or business parking areas, or homes with more than one EV.


For more information, visit

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