Andersen Creates Elegance

Andersen Creates Elegance

Design, aesthetics and exceptional craftmanship are key elements of the Andersen EV charge point. We set out to make home EV charge points a more stylish design-led installation for the home, with a very distinguished unit that exudes quality and finesse for a truly premium feel.

Just as we buy accessories and decorative apparel to suit our home style, we believe the concept of EV chargers for the home should be no different. After all, why should EV charge points look alike? Inspired by modern Swedish design, with smooth, minimalistic lines and the use of high-quality materials as characteristic features, the Andersen A2 brings a touch of modern elegance to EV home charge points. With a distinct focus on timeless design, we blend functionality with aesthetic appeal.

The charging cable and plug are neatly concealed in the case of the unit, when not in use, so there are no untidy cables on show. Every detail of the design is neat, contoured and refined, and precision engineered to the highest standards, making Andersen the ‘connoisseur’ of EV home charge points.

Significantly, with the luxurious Andersen A2 EV charger, customers can enjoy the creative experience of customising their charge points to complement the individual style of their properties. From modern eco-houses and town houses to manor houses, barn conversions and country cottages, the Andersen A2 home charge point can be personalised to match the unique style of any home making it a dream for architects wanting to epitomise style without compromise.

When choosing an Andersen home charge point, there is the option of contemporary metal or sustainable Accoya wood front panels, and an extensive colour palette for the body of the unit. Colours reflect the Scandinavian inspiration, with soft and muted tones, from pale Putty Stone, Laurac Sand, Stanton Green and Southbank Grey, to the slightly deeper hues of Ruby, Malmo Blue, Steel and Nearly Black that can be specified for the metal front panels and body cover. For those who prefer a natural, more tactile finish, there is the option of timeless Accoya wood for the front panel available in four shades: Cotswold Oak, Sorong Teak, French Walnut and Charcoal. Accoya wood is sustainably sourced, high performance modified timber, offering the ultimate in luxury while being durable and low maintenance too. In all, there are some 96 colour and finish combinations to choose from, with something to suit many personal tastes and preferences.

While aesthetic design is an inherent characteristic of the Andersen EV home charger, this doesn’t detract from smart connectivity and charging functionality. Compatible with type 2 hybrid and electric cars, there is the option of a 5m or 8.5m tethered cable (7kwh charging power) or a 6.5m tethered cable for 22kwh charging power. The ergonomically friendly charging cable is lightweight and flexible to use, and neatly winds within the charger unit. (In fact, our Evoflek charging cable is considered one of the world’s most lightweight and flexible cables.) A magnetic lid effortlessly opens to access the plug. The weatherproof unit case is designed to withstand rain, sleet and snow, meanwhile the internal fittings are made of solid aluminium and stainless steel. An LED screen displays charging status, and the Andersen charge point also has an accompanying Konnect smartphone app. Andersen home charge points can be integrated with solar or wind energy for those who really want to maximise on renewable power sources. So, while we may be design-led, we don’t lose sight of performance, and we are constantly evolving our smart charging technology with substantial investment being assigned to upgrading our mobile app.

All Andersen EV home charge points are tailor-made to order, and precision engineered in our UK based production facility by our team of skilled technicians, where we have initiated meticulous quality standards and checking procedures. Similarly, our trained installers ensure that home installations are carried out with professionalism and adhere to safety compliance.

With the UK electric new car marketplace increasing by 35% year on year, and now representing over 1 in 5 new cars purchased, it is no surprise that consumers are looking at home charging solutions. Charging your electric car at home can be incredibly simple. Even owners of luxury electric vehicles such as the Tesla Model S, Porsche Taycan, or Mercedes EQS which all feature high-capacity batteries, can rapid charge at home thanks to the Andersen A2 optional 22kwh fast charger.

The Andersen home EV charge point is designed to be different; and designed to impress on level, making it without doubt the best home EV charger available. With many more motorists now transitioning to electric or hybrid cars and charging at home, now is the ideal time to start thinking about your stylish EV home charger.

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