2024 London Design Awards winner…

2024 London Design Awards winner…

The Andersen A3 charge point is a Platinum Winner in the Product Design category at the 2024 London Design Awards.

Launched in May 2024 the A3 brings all of the Andersen magic in a smaller form and has won its first award barely a month after launch.

The award entry highlighted the highest quality materials matched to surfaces, textures and colours which seamlessly integrate with modern or period architecture.

The A3 retains the unique hidden charging cable that winds within the unit, leaving no unsightly wires on the property.

In terms of features the A3 offers an advanced solar feature that allows the user to directly manage the solar energy generated from panels fitted to their home and redistribute it to power their charging session. It also incorporates a presence sensor, a convenience light located on the underside of the unit, and theatre lighting activated when lifting the lid to highlight the cable location and Andersen EV branding. The Andersen app allows for smart scheduling with low cost night time electricity tariffs.

The London Design Awards is an international competition that recognises exceptional designs and outstanding creative projects worldwide. Other 2024 winners include architectural and sculpture projects from around the world, and brand design projects from Formula e and others.

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