Andersen Referral Terms


  • You must be an existing Andersen customer to refer a friend and benefit from the programme incentives
  • You must use the email account that was used to place your original Andersen order
  • You must complete the form on our referral page here
  • You must have consent from your friend to refer them to Andersen
  • You may receive up to 3 rewards per year as part of the referral programme



  • You must not be an existing customer of Andersen
  • If you are referred by more than one person, you will only be able to use one discount code, and the first person to refer you will receive the benefit
  • You will receive a discount code that will be valid until the end of the offer period and cannot be used in conjunction with any other discount provided by Andersen EV



  • Andersen EV has the right to terminate the Andersen Referral Programme at any time
  • The referral programme is only valid for referrals after Tuesday 28th May 2023, and cannot be backdated to previous customer orders


  Referral Reward

  • For each successful referral, the referred friend will receive a £75 discount off their order, and the referrer will receive a £75 John Lewis voucher, after a 14 day waiting period


Refund or Order Cancellation

  • In the event that a customer who participated in the referral programme requests a refund or cancels their order then the John Lewis voucher will not be issued


Voucher Delivery

  • The John Lewis voucher will be sent electronically to the referrer’s provided email address after a 14-day waiting period has elapsed, provided the order has not been cancelled or refunded

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