Andersen customers get free lifetime concierge service with luxury A2 home charger

Andersen customers get free lifetime concierge service with luxury A2 home charger
  • Unique support service echoes premium positioning of A2 home charger 
  • Available free of charge to all new Andersen A2 customers; includes a dedicated Personal Concierge Assistant (PCA) to provide lifetime of guidance and support
  • Created to help more people make the switch to EV ownership with expert guidance on best use, installation and charging activity
  • Andersen EV’s A2 smart charger is hand-built in Bedfordshire and is the only home charger where the cable and plug is hidden for a discreet and minimalist look 
  • Premium home charger available in over 125 designer finishes


In recognition of the fact that EV owners may not have time to research the best electricity tariffs, Andersen EV has launched a Concierge Service for new customers. The luxury home charging company aims to provide comprehensive support to customers with setting up their charger and app to take full advantage of low-cost electricity tariffs. 


As part of this free-of-charge service, customers who purchase an A2 charge point from November 1st, 2023, are allocated a dedicated Personal Concierge Assistant who will provide guidance on all aspects of choosing the best electricity tariff and offering wide-ranging advice about EV charging set up throughout the whole life of the charger.


Andersen EV recognises the shift to EV ownership can be challenging and with the increasing number of time-of-day electricity tariffs becoming available, making the best use of a home charger is increasingly complex. 


With the wide range of EV specific electricity tariffs now available an average EV driver can save over £1,000 each year by using the Andersen A2 smart charger on the right tariff. The Andersen Concierge Service makes this choice easy for the customer.


Customers are offered a wide range of advice, including where best to position the charger on their property, how to charge cost-efficiently, how to use the Andersen EV app, and how to best charge their EV to increase the longevity of the battery. The named PCA can be contacted during working hours to support customers transition to EV ownership by providing tips on how to drive economically and how the energy ecosystem can impact charging.


Following the installation of an A2 charge point, Andersen EV will provide customers with regular quarterly news updates on new energy tariffs and ongoing tips on how to charge most effectively.


The Andersen A2 unit is the only unit of its kind to feature a concealed cable and plug and is available with the widest choice of designer finishes on the market – currently over 125 colour and finish options. Andersen EV is a recommended installer for Porsche GB and has preferred supplier status with Jaguar Land Rover. 


David Martell, CEO of Andersen EV, said: “Andersen EV customers always expect the best and we are proud to be able to offer our customers a personal service. We recognise that buying your first EV and charge point is a commitment to a new way of living and can feel like a daunting prospect. Charging at home may seem straightforward to some, but many prospective customers find it stressful and confusing.


“Buying an A2 smart charge point can enable you to save over £1,000 each year, when linked to a specific EV electricity tariff. We want to make that shift easier, and our new Concierge Service provides customers with a named EV expert for the entire life of their charge point, guiding them through the full customer journey.” 


Demand for the minimalist A2 unit has increased since the acquisition of Andersen EV by EVIOS Plc in October 2022, which allowed for fresh investment in product functionality and back-office support.

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