Why Andersen is So Special?

When someone asks what makes our charge points different, we don’t give them a single reason. We give them 6..

Andersen Innovation

Just because you’ve gone electric, doesn’t mean you should be forced to compromise. Everything an Andersen charge point delivers in performance it matches in stunning design. Discreet. Packed with innovative features. Built to last. Our charge points present a natural choice for any discerning electric car owner.

Andersen Technology

Andersen charge points are more than a pretty box. The team behind our technology have more than 75 years of technical experience. Beyond the sharp design of every unit lies an intelligent brain. Using a simple interface our smart platform, Andersen Kønnect, lets you monitor and control every aspect of the charge point from your mobile. You’ll be alerted once the charge is complete, able to see what energy you’ve used, and able to switch the unit on and off remotely. The application even calculates how much each charge has cost. Kønnect puts total control into your hands.

Andersen Quality

When it comes to quality, we don’t cut corners. We take time to get things right. We hand build and manufacture each order in the UK. Chosen for its extremely durability, we use sustainably sourced Accoya wood to make our panel fronts. Electrics are guaranteed for three years and the chassis of every charge point comes with a lifetime warranty. Our quality is made to last.

Andersen Convenience

When we designed the Andersen charge point we considered and tested every feature to create the best possible experience for the owner. The strong, extremely flexible EvoFlek cable handles easily, and can be wrapped around the unit and stored securely out of sight. A slot also hides and stores the plug. Interior lighting make things easy, even on the darkest nights. The Andersen A2 units are built to endure and perform in extreme weather conditions.

Andersen Service

Our signature attention to detail filters right down to the way we deal with our customers. Every client matters to us. And we make sure they feel it. From purchase to installation to after-sales care, we’re always fast and efficient. We’re always there to help.

Andersen Brand

Andersen is the leading car charging point brand in Europe. We specialise in producing simple yet innovative charging points to power EV lifestyles. Combining technology with style is at the forefront of our thinking. Aesthetic simplicity and superior functionality is at the centre of our ethos.