The Journey Has Started

David Simpson August 8, 2018

Back in June 2017, my team (Ian, Yang, Fotis, Paul, Ivor & Laurence) started working on the Andersen smart charging solution.

We researched, we played with Raspberry Pi’s, we built breadboard prototypes, we wrote code, all in the quest to find a strong and secure foundation to build the Andersen charging future.

To see the release of Andersen Kønnect powered Charge Points this month filled me with a sense of pride. So many emails, Skype chats, mechanical drawings, schematics and codes reviews take its toll on your team but now their efforts all seem worth it!

The release of Kønnect is the start of our journey to deliver an industry-leading smart charging platform for customers. Our chosen platform delivers at its core scalability, upgradeability and security to our customers.

The journey with Kønnect has only just started. Our existing and new customers will all benefit as we grow and develop Kønnect in the future.

Read all about Kønnect here.

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About David Simpson

David is Andersen’s technical director and the driver behind all of Andersen’s product and ioT software development. He created Audioberry (The Open Source Hi-Fi Company) in 2012 and ran a charge point location software service. Today he brings together his experience in product design, hardware, electronics and software industries and has lots of say on the subject of technology, design manufacturing, electric vehicles and the future of electric driving.