The Andersen Way

12 Reasons why our customers choose us


Precision Engineered from Metal

Metal gives greater strength and durability to your charge point compared to a plastic one.

Complete Service

We make, install and service so you only need to deal with us, saving you time and effort.

Hand Sprayed Nylon Coating

Super tough coating used in kids playgrounds ensuring that your charge point stays the same.

Industrial Grade Electronics

We use components usually found in high-powered industrial tools for improved reliablity.

Future Tech

Free Over The Air Updates

Receive the latest functionalities so your charge point gets better over time.

Remote Locking

Share your charge point with friends and family with our unique locking feature.

Smart Home Integration

Integrate your charge point with Alexa and control it in the most effective way.

IOS and Android Kønnect App

Control your charge point from the palm of your hand.



The only charge point that offers you 45 combinations to match your house’s look.

hidden Cable and Plug

Avoid tripping hazards and messy cables. Looks nice and neat.

Unique Cable

Evoflek is the lightest most flexible cable in the market. Easy to handle everyday.

Lit up at night

6 Dimmable lights give you the most convenient help for night time use.

Full Features