Andersen EV & UCA Designer of Tomorrow Competition

Andersen EV is Britain’s premium home charging company and has been supplying its A2 charging unit to the market since 2015. 

Each Andersen charge point is handmade to order in the UK using materials of the highest quality. Customers can choose from over 125 customisable design combinations of fascia and body colour to match any home, any environment, and even the colour of their car. Its minimalist design is the only unit on sale which hides the charge point and tethered cable to when not in use to provide the convenience of at home charging without impacting the home’s façade.

The Competition

Andersen EV is working with students at the University of Creative Arts to design bespoke fascia designs for its A2 charging unit and raise awareness of particular environmental or social issues. This is an open invitation to any student of UCA to enter a piece using any medium.


The deadline for entry submissions is December 13th 2023. Please see the entry form here.

Successful applicants will be contacted by 29 January 2024 and will have the whole month of February to create their entry.

Design Week

Ten designs will be selected to be on display at Chelsea Harbour Design Centre, the home of interior design, for its FOCUS week in March 2024.

About the Andersen A2

The award-winning Andersen A2 charging unit is renowned for its sleek profile, premium finish, and minimalist design. We want to collaborate with the designers of tomorrow to explore social and environmental issues, whilst raising awareness of the benefits of electrification to members of the public

Winning entries

1x winner - £500 cash prize and design exhibited at FOCUS week

5x runners-up - £100 cash price and design exhibited at FOCUS week

4x shortlisted - design exhibited at FOCUS week

What are the entry categories?

We ask that all entries are inspired by one of these broad themes: 

  • Electric vehicles: A vehicle that uses one or more electric motors to drive. An example of this is Car and Driver’s EV of the year for 2023, the Hyundai Ioniq 6.
  • Future homes: Homes designed to be environmentally sustainable. Green homes focus on the efficient use of energy, water, and building materials.
  • Advanced mobility: This is a broad term for how we power—and improve—transportation. Advanced Mobility includes everything from self-driving vehicles to software programs that improve battery life for electric cars.
  • Clean air: Clean air zones, also known as LEZ or ULEZ, are being introduced in numerous UK cities to improve urban air quality by discouraging high-polluting vehicles from entering them.
  • Renewable energy: This is energy from renewable resources that are naturally replenished on a human timescale. Renewable resources include sunlight, wind, the movement of water, and geothermal heat.
  • Connectivity / technology: The ability of a computer, program, device, or system to connect with one or more devices. 


The entry form can be found here

Who can I contact if I have any questions?

Please contact your tutor if you have any questions. Alternatively, please email or contact us via the Andersen EV website