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News 2nd Jun 2020

Sunday Times Driving

A STUDY of electric vehicle infrastructure in the UK leaves has revealed the stark regional divides in availability of public chargers.

The research by Andersen, an installer of high-end electric car charging points, analysed the UK’s 4,453 on-street units in order to rank the best and worst places to give your car some juice while parked on the road. The results will be of interest to the one third of the UK population that does not own a driveway or garage, and therefore cannot install a home charger.

In rural areas this figure may be as low as 1 in 6 people, but in cities 60% of residents don’t have off-street parking, which could hamper the use of electric cars as urban transport. However, London has been found to have 78% of all on-street units in the UK, working out at approximately 10 cars for every charging point.

Electric car on-street charging is postcode lottery, according to study