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Press release 25th Apr 2022

Show House

Housebuilders need to step up a gear to prepare for the electric car revolution

Housebuilders can’t take a rearview when it comes to electric vehicle (EV) charge points; thanks to new legislation, the future is electric, and housebuilders will be responsible for driving the change.

The government, determined to snuff out emissions by 2050, plans to introduce legislation that dictates all new homes in England must be built with charge points for EVs. Housebuilders will provide the vital spark in the initiative; however, as the National Grid frets about how homes will cope with demand, is the scheme destined to be a car crash?

“It is achievable in the long-term, at least the hardwiring is; the will of the developers to do it is a different matter,” said Jérôme Faissat, Director of Andersen EV. “The main constraint is the power. The charger will be the most powerful device in the home. Adding more power means the developer has to spend more money. It is achievable, but there will be extra costs.”

On the contrary, many housebuilders have already presented new developments complete with EV charging points and there is a clear momentum to go electric. The challenge will be upping the energy when it becomes a legal requirement for each home with a designated parking space. Thankfully, technology is accelerating ahead to provide solutions.