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News 25th Apr 2022

Pocket-Lint Episode 84 – The Future of EV Charging At Home With Andersen

Meanwhile, Stuart from Pocket-Lint catches up with Andersen EV, a company that makes smart home charging boxes for your electric car. He finds out what efforts are being made to make home charging smarter and more user-friendly.

And our own senior news editor, Rik Henderson, joins the podcast to talk all things Cyberpunk 2077. Having played the hugely-hyped game across multiple platforms, he gives us his honest opinion. Is it as bug-ridden as everyone claims?

00:50 – Dan talks about the Sky Amazon content deal

05:54 – Interview with Rob Mouser, Executive Chairman at Andersen EV

19:26 – Rik gives his verdict on Cyberpunk 2077


Pocket-lint podcast episode 84: Cyberpunk 2077 reviewed, the future of EV charging at home, and more

On a recent podcast by Pocket-lint, Stuart catches up with Rob Mouser, Executive Chairman at Andersen EV to discuss efforts being made to make home charging smarter, more user-friendly and design focused.

When asked what makes Andersen stand apart from the competition, it is the many design elements of the product from the colour variations to the choice of metal or wood fronts. It is a premium product designed to blend in with the property. Other EV chargers come in a single design, single colour and are made of plastic.

Another key feature that the competition lacks is the cable within the box. Most EV chargers have untethered or extremely long tethered cables and storing them becomes an issue, whereas the Andersen A2 has a specifically manufactured Evoflek cable which can easily be wrapped and put away within the box. The design is unique because there are brushes included within the wall box which clean away any dirt that typically gets on these cables.

Electric vehicle numbers have been rising quickly with an estimated 40 million electric vehicles to be on the road by 2030. When asked about the implications of this recent rise, Rob predicts people will become incredibly reliant on charging points and these charging points will become a massively important part of your home. He also said that current technology is restricted but will improve and eventually see a shift to DC charging, and as the uptake of charge points and infrastructure improves, renting out chargers would become necessary.

According to Rob, the future of the home charger is expected to make use of local generation of electricity, whether through solar or battery storage, as there is a desire to use and consume energy in a greener cost-effective way. He also discusses the possibility of changes within how electricity tariffs are delivered and that charge points will need to make sure their tech can cope with that – another feature that the A2 wall box has already implemented with their Konnect+ smart charge technology.

Listen to the interview with Rob Mouser, Executive Chairman at Andersen EV at 05:54 on the podcast link below:

Cyberpunk 2077 reviewed, the future of EV charging at home, and more – Pocket-lint podcast ep 84 | Pocket-lint podcast on Acast