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Press release 26th Jun 2020

Joshua’s Digital

We were lucky enough to sit down with Joshua’s Digital and talk about all things to do with creating a brand from scratch and how we are raising people expectations about what to expect from their Ev charger. Click on the image to read the full article …


I say my first surprise, as it was not the last as I soon found out during the increasingly familiar scenes of a Zoom video interview during the UK Lockdown.

This trying period has led to a change of routine and a change of behaviour; something that Andersen are fully behind, albeit in relation to motoring. With Public Transport set to be reneged for solitary modes of travelling, such as driving, it’s even more important that our choice of vehicle is an environmentally conducive one. Not to beat the forever resounding drum of late, but common sense must prevail and the prospect of more cars on the road is not one to be welcomed — to say the very least.

One viable solution is to go electric, a decision made harder, not only by the prices and the lifestyle changes required to embrace it, but by the “tools” that circumvent its usage, tools such as the dreaded Electric Vehicle (EV) charging station… Or should I say formerly dreaded. Andersen have turned what used to be a utilitarian plug socket to a desirable embellishment to your abode, so much so in fact that you’ll do anything to have it situated in plain sight. Let me put it this way, your neighbours won’t be happy — it’s a thing of beauty.