Andersen + Paul Crofts Studio

A partnership with a leading British design studio

A marriage of high quality design and function has always been the core of the Andersen difference. Pioneering design and engineering combined to produce charge points perfectly suited for modern living. In pursuit of design excellence, we actively explore partnerships with some of the world’s leading design talent.

Founder of the award-winning Paul Crofts Studio, Paul works across a wide variety of disciplines including product, furniture, exhibition and interior design. With a deep understanding of manufacturing processes, the studio pride themselves on innovative and intelligent design solutions celebrating design and function in equal measure.

Partnering with Andersen in 2016, the Paul Crofts Studio designed the Andersen A1 tethered EV charge point. Designed in both metal and Accoya wood, the A1’s blend of minimalist design and superb functionality are testament to the shared vision of both partners.