The A2 EV charger in Stanton Green front and Stanton Green body on old red London stock brick.

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Buying your EV home charge point: A step by step guide

Buying an EV home charge point can seem daunting because there are so many options, but it doesn’t need to be. Here is a step-by-step guide to what you need to do to buy and install a home charge point for your electric vehicle.


Step 1: Research


Consider the features which are important to you in an electric vehicle home charging point. Do you want it to look good on the side of your house? Do you want smart functionality so you can keep track of your charging costs and time? Do you want a wall-mounted or free-standing device, and which power type will you need? Read more here on what power type you will need.


Once you have decided which home charge point you would like, check the cost of the installation here. This is usually added on top of the device price.


If you live in the UK or Ireland, you may qualify for certain government grants, which are known as OZEV, EST, and SEAI.


Step 2: Select your chosen home charge point

Will you need standard or non-standard installation? This will affect installation time and cost. Check to see if you qualify for standard installation.


Step 3: Book installation

Currently, you can book installation through Andersen and through our accredited local installers. These options carry different costs. Step 4: Apply for a Government Grant


Step 4: Apply for a Government grant

Once you have booked installation of your EV home charge point, you can apply for your OZEV grant if you are in the UK, plus the EST grant if you live in Scotland, or the SEAI grant if you are in Ireland.

If you buy an Andersen home charge point, we will apply for OZEV on your behalf; we will send you a form to complete and we will do the rest.


Step 5: Enjoy your new EV home charge point!