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Weather Testing the A2 Charger

1st Mar 2018 1 Min Read

Harsh weather is upon us but it was an opportunity for us to test our product to the extreme.

It’s snowing, it’s windy and it’s extremely cold. These are the perfect conditions for us to push the limits of our Andersen A2 tethered unit.


To test the functionality of the unit and see if the weather makes any changes to the way it behaves and whether we can notice any differences. We poured 1 litre of water over one of our A2 and let it settle overnight. We made sure that the water got in every possible corner to see how the ice impacts the unit. Also, one thing to note is that we pour the water and let it settled while we were charging the car.


The result was really interesting: You can see from the picture that a lot of ice formed overnight and that is got all over the unit. It was -3°C when we got out and it was probably colder overnight.

We couldn’t see anything obvious or any difference. There was no ill effect on the charge point and its components. Ice formed in the inside and the outside, droplets were found here and there but that’s about it. Everything was functioning normally and the car was fully charged ready to go to work!


Jérôme Faissat

Jérôme is the CEO of Andersen and manage day-to-day business delivery. With extensive experience of retail system development and property and financial services, Jerome has an eye for quality and control. When he’s not mapping the future, he loves to talk to customers, drink French wine or speak Mandarin.