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We won’t let Brexit ruin our growth plans

26th Apr 2019 1 Min Read

Just in case you haven’t read enough about Brexit…

I was recently interviewed by Business Cloud on my thoughts about smart charging, the future of EV chargers and how Brexit will affect Andersen EV’s national and global plans.

Here’s the first section below. You can read the full article here.

Entrepreneur says smart electric vehicle charging start-up will conquer European market despite uncertainty over UK’s future relationship with EU

The founder of a smart electric vehicle charging start-up is adamant that he won’t allow Brexit to get in the way of the firm’s growth plans.

David Simpson is technical director at London-based Andersen EV, which manufactures stylish charge points for the home and has just begun selling into Europe.

He founded the company with CEO Jerome Faissat in 2015, a year before the EU referendum. Britain could potentially leave the European Union with no deal at the end of this week.

“Brexit is an unfortunate distraction and I’d rather stay in, but as an entrepreneur, it doesn’t stand in your way,” Simpson told BusinessCloud. “People who aren’t in business probably think it’s more of an issue than it is.

“I’ve sold products all around the world: modern couriers are very efficient at shipping stuff around the globe. The risk for us really is more around currency variation.

“Even though we manufacture in the UK, our raw materials will go up a lot if the pound becomes weaker, which it has done. But it can work both ways.”

Read the rest of the article here


David Simpson

A hands-on design engineer, David is responsible for driving the latest design, engineering and software developments. His experience ranges from hi-fi product design to the programme management of complex financial service software. When he’s not talking about firmware updates, tooling or road maps you’ll see him running in Hampstead Heath or ferrying his kids to school on his electric bicycle.