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Update on Lead Times

14th Dec 2020 1 Min Read

We wanted to update our customers on the status of their current and future orders. Despite the challenges of COVID-19 Andersen have had an incredibly successful year. Our order volumes have increased by more than three-fold over the year.

However, as has been widely reported in the media and in common with many multinational brands we are currently experiencing significant challenges with our supply chain due to reduced factory capacity and shipping delays caused by the global pandemic and Brexit stockpiling. We are proud to manufacture our charge points in the UK but are reliant on parts and raw materials from many different parts of the world. The current issues are completely outside of our control.

At Andersen we simply won’t compromise on quality and will not quickly change our suppliers who are subject to rigorous quality controls and checks. As a result, we have had no choice but to temporarily increase our lead time for the supply of our charge point to 6 weeks.

We appreciate the inconvenience this will cause our customers. We have accelerated efforts to reduce our lead times and hope to reduce the lead time significantly over the coming weeks. We have also taken steps to ensure we meet the ever-increasing demand for our products and have placed forward orders well into 2021.

If you are buying your first EV we continue to recommend you place your order well ahead of the anticipated delivery date of your car. All orders are fulfilled on a strict first come first served basis, so we recommend you order now.

Once again, we apologise for the inconvenience these extended lead times will cause and will update you again as soon as possible. If you need support or assistance regarding a current or future order please don’t hesitate to contact us.


Jérôme Faissat

Jérôme is the CEO of Andersen and manage day-to-day business delivery. With extensive experience of retail system development and property and financial services, Jerome has an eye for quality and control. When he’s not mapping the future, he loves to talk to customers, drink French wine or speak Mandarin.