Power Struggle – Wireless Charging

In the charging zone, wireless might be the buzzword but plugging-in is the smarter choice. Wireless charging is currently being vaunted across the media as the holy grail of electric vehicle (EV) adoption. I have my reservations, though. Yes, at first glance, it is a fuss-free technology that is capable of charging an electric car...
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Paul Willcox - Non-Executive Director at Andersen EV

Paul Willcox joins us as Non-Executive Director.

We’re excited to announce the appointment of Paul Willcox as a Non-Executive Director with immediate effect. Paul Willcox was Chairman of Nissan Europe up until his recent departure in March 2018 and worked at Nissan for 26 years. During his career at Nissan, Paul served as the head of the automaker’s UK and led European...
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Driving a Tesla Model X through france

Driving a Tesla through France

This summer I experienced the true sense of e-mobility. What I thought might be a challenge was already well thought through by Tesla. It was an incredible feeling to drive purely on electricity for 750 miles and an experience which I hope will be common to everyone in the near future. Range Anxiety: On When...
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How to care for my Andersen

How to care for my Andersen Charge Point?

We can all do with some easy maintenance stuff in our lives. My first dishwasher arrived just before the birth of my first baby (I was 38 years old). Goodness knows why I waited that long (for the dishwasher!). Now with the business and 2 kids to juggle, quality time is even more precious. My deeply...
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Andersen Smart Charger

The Journey Has Started

Back in June 2017, my team (Ian, Yang, Fotis, Paul, Ivor & Laurence) started working on the Andersen smart charging solution. We researched, we played with Raspberry Pi’s, we built breadboard prototypes, we wrote code, all in the quest to find a strong and secure foundation to build the Andersen charging future. To see the...
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PEDAL POWER: Look out! Electric bikes

Electric bikes are boosting the future of cycling culture on our streets. Cruising into work, enjoying the ride through central London. I arrive crisp and fresh, cool and calm. I am still peddling. There is a healthy element of blood coursing through my veins however I don’t break a sweat. The motor navigates me through...
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Volvo vs Tesla

Tesla is not only about cars

Buying a new family car is an exciting journey which involves spending a lot of time and money finding "the one". The experience is strikingly different from one brand to the other, tipping the balance on which car you end up buying. Which car to buy? When my wife and I decided that we needed...
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Andersen EV Charger Teak Front

5 things you didn’t know about Accoya®

We chose to make all our Andersen charge point wood fronts out of Accoya®. But what actually is it? Here’s a quick lowdown on Accoya® wood. It’s 100% natural real wood. Accoya® is actually plain radiata pine. It comes from sustainable, well-managed forests, therefore, using it for our charge points protects the world’s precious hardwood...
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Driving Force: Why EV is big in 2020

What do you drive? An electric car? A BMW 3 Series iPerformance Saloon perhaps? Or a Nissan Leaf; Audi A3 E-Tronmor; or a Prius? Increasingly, the answer is something electric and that is particularly true in the company cars sector. According to government and auto industry campaign Go Ultra Low, more than 70% of EV registrations are made to...
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5 hurdles slowing EV adoption

As electric cars are appearing everywhere and we're definitely heading towards an all-electric transportation, the adoption could be much faster. Why? lack of knowledge, market inertia and education. Charging infrastructure Yes there are public charging stations. yes more people have a charging station at home. But yet it's not enough. It will be enough when...
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