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LoCase innovations low emissions showcase

15th Mar 2018 1 Min Read

I went to the LoCASE event to talk about Electric Vehicles and the way they are and will impact your business.

The LoCASE Essex region has provided superb support to Andersen over the past few months. Today it was our turn to give something back! We had the great pleasure to support the LoCase Innovations in Low Emissions Showcase event, along with many other innovative future-looking companies from across Essex. My presentation on  “The benefits of adopting EV’s into your business”  can be found here Sorry, not many words on the slides. You really had to be there to appreciate the presentation content! I will however in the coming weeks cover the key subject areas in more detail on the blog.


David Simpson

A hands-on design engineer, David is responsible for driving the latest design, engineering and software developments. His experience ranges from hi-fi product design to the programme management of complex financial service software. When he’s not talking about firmware updates, tooling or road maps you’ll see him running in Hampstead Heath or ferrying his kids to school on his electric bicycle.