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The financial benefits of EVs

18th Jan 2018 1 Min Read

There has been a significant decline in the purchase of diesel vehicles throughout the UK. Many people are now turning to electric vehicles as an alternative. It’s common knowledge diesel cars have a negative impact on the environment. But what exactly are the financial benefits of owning an electric car? Well, we’re here to identify some of the advantages to help you make the switch.


One of the main attractions of purchasing an electric car is the potential financial benefit to be gained from it.


There are clear financial rewards to be had when you make the switch to electric cars. Not only will you be driving a cleaner and quieter vehicle but one that can save you money on a daily basis.


Jérôme Faissat

Jérôme is the CEO of Andersen and manage day-to-day business delivery. With extensive experience of retail system development and property and financial services, Jerome has an eye for quality and control. When he’s not mapping the future, he loves to talk to customers, drink French wine or speak Mandarin.