Energy Saving Trust (EST) Grant for Scotland EV Drivers

For those that live in Scotland, the Energy Saving Trust (EST) offers £300 off the cost of their home charge point and installation.

This double whammy grant (OLEV and EST) for Scottish customers. An unbelievable total of up to £800 off the cost of their home charge point and installation.

The Office for Low Emissions (OLEV).

Most people know about the Office for Low Emissions (OLEV) grant. It’s a £500 UK government grant towards the cost of an EV charger and installation.

The Energy Savings Trust (EST).

The EST manages a Scottish government initiative called Home Energy Scotland. This encourages and promotes sustainable safe and efficient transport system in Scotland. It’s a really busy trust with lots of different projects going on. One of them is this grant that encourages the switch to electric driving.

The Scottish Government has the ambition to phase out the need for new petrol and diesel cars and vans by 2032. In response to this great pledge, they’ve just launched the Switched-on Towns and Cities, Challenge Fund. This is aiming to deliver 20 new electric towns before 2025. This demonstrates their support in this sustainable transport. Only making it easier for others to take the leap and go electric.

How do I Apply

Unlike OLEV applications which are usually sorted out through your installer, the EST application is applied for directly by the homeowner. The EST is only available to those that qualify for the OLEV. The application is done online and you just need to email your installer quote and proof of ownership or lease agreement and then you are done.

For more information on the EST visit our EST Webpage.


I’ll leave you with what the customer said about her Andersen installation,

‘Amazing, personal service – very impressed with the people and the product. Their car chargers are certainly the best-looking around – I went for the oak A2 and it’s beautifully made. Haven’t tried the app yet as need a wifi extender due to our router being a bit far away but Jerome at Andersen’s has advised what to do. David has also been incredibly helpful, overcoming a few challenges I threw at him so quickly in such a proactive way that it has made the whole process of buying and installing the charge point feel incredibly smooth. Highly recommend.’

Mandy Simpson

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